The Region

Enjoy the hospitality of the Rhodope Mountains

Smolyan and The Area

A museum with ancient artefacts and beautiful galleries take place in the centre of Smolyan. Nearby, the Rhodope Drama Theatre regularly hosts plays from all genres. Not less interesting is the most successful Bulgarian planetarium, located next to the hotel. More info at the tourist guied or guided tours here.

Plan a trip - plant a tree!

It’s time for reforestation!

Please, join us this Fall, as we plant 12000 trees in the Central Rhodope mountains region. Help us save the forests and support our efforts to promote more sustainable and responsible tourism in Bulgaria!


For every single night our guests spend in Kiparis Alfa hotel during the period January 1 - December 31, 2019, we will plant a tree. This means that if you have already stayed with us or plan to book your trip before the end of this year, you will literally be planting trees in the Rhodopian forests!

If you want to be even more proactive, then you can join our initiative as a volunteer and plant some of the 12000 trees in the region of the village of Rhodopsko near Ardino on the 2nd and the 9th of November, 2019.

Smolyan Planetarium

Do not miss to visit the Planetarium in Smolyan. Annually updated programs will give you a pleasant and educational cosmic experience. See more at

Regional History Museum “Stoyu Shishkov”

Visit the Regional History Museum Smolyan. We promise you will return from there charmed and impressed by the Bulgarian history and culture. Check out the current museum exhibitions at

Church of Saint Vissarion of Smolyan

The second largest Orthodox temple in Bulgaria is also home to the Youth Orthodox Center "Pure Hearts". Let us light a candle and pray its flame bring us closer to the Creator, to bow before Him and the majesty of the Rhodope Mountains.

Eco-trail “The Waterfalls Canyon”

The path will guide you along the canyon in the "Soskovcheto" Reserve. The walking time for non-intense walkers should be around 4 hours.

Smolyan Lakes

Smolyan lakes are a group of lakes located in Bukova Mountain in the Western Rhodopes, under the Orpheus rocks and Snezhanka peak. The area is suitable for walks around the beautiful nature of the Rhodopes.

“Kaleto” Fortress, Smolyan

Late Antiquity and Byzantine fortress "Kaleto" in the area of Turluka is located 5 km from Pamporovo.

One Day Trips


Itinerary: Smolyan - Tatul - Perperikon - Smolyan

Feel the magic of the Pagan sanctuary Tatul, dated IV century B.C., where sacrifices to ancient Thracian idols are made. Walk on the routes of Perperikon - archeological complex including important megalithic sanctuary, sacred town and a fortress. This site is supposed to be the famous in ancient history temple of Dionysus, where wine and fire revealed to Thracian tribe bessi crucial prophecies. Possibility for lunch in Kardzhali.


Itinerary: Smolyan - Uhlovitsa cave - Agushevi konatsi - Arda - Smolyan

Follow the curves of Arda river which will uncover a variety of sceneries and emotions. Lovers of the underground beauty of the caves will enjoy after 15 min. of ascent the cave Uhlovitsa, kept inside a magical snow-white calcium waterfall. Those who have sense of traditions will discover Agushevi konatsi - architectural masterpiece from mid XIX century. Free time for personal discovery of Mogilitsa and Arda villages is envisaged. Most motivated can enjoy splendid bucolic views during a walk in the neighborhoods. Possibility for lunch in Arda village.


Itinerary: Smolyan - Trigrad gorge - Yagodina cave - Smolyan

One day dedicated to contemplation of under - and overground wonders! A lane leads us through the majestic Trigrad gorge to the entrance of Devil’s throat cave where according to the legend Orpheus descent to look for his beloved Eurydice. More emotions are expecting you when crossing the narrow, but splendid Bouinovo gorge which leads us to Yagodinska cave - a very different experience from the previous cave - various forms and even cave pearls! And finally - short stroll in Yagodina village and free time. Possobility for lunch in Yagodina or Trigrad village.


Itinerary: Smolyan - Zlatograd - Smolyan

Go back to the roots of Bulgarian traditional architecture streaming from the small workshops in Ethnographic complex Zlatograd. Relax having a coffee made on sand and melt into the revival atmosphere. Possibility for lunch in Zlatograd.